Lake Scranton

Map H

(Lackawanna) Map H 3.55 miles; easy. 5 mins from Scranton

Take Rt. 1307 south from Scranton to Lake Scranton parking lot on right.

A short trail out of the parking lot takes you to a paved road ar~und the lake. Pleasant, relatively flat walk around a Pennsylvania Gas and Water Company reservoir. You will never be alone here as area walkers, joggers, hikers and riff-raff regularly use the lake for their daily workouts. Over 200 species of wildflowers grow here and are in bloom at various times between March and November. Also, nearly all of Pennsylvania's native trees can be found. No bikes, skateboards or rollerblades are allowed.

Nesbitt Dam

Map H

(Lackawanna) Map H 61/2 miles one way; moderate 5 mins from Scranton


Take woods trail to lake and turn left. Go 1 1/2 miles just before second bridge to gate on left and turn left. (This is Pennsylvania Gas and Water Company land and permission is required beforehand. You may have to sign a permit.) You are now on Ore Mine Road where you will go about 1/2 mile to a tree stump that looks like a chair on your left. This is the turn that will take you up the mountain. Stay on the main trail bearing right if you have to make choices to the top. At this time you will begin bushwacking south about 1/2 mile to Green Run, which goes for some distance along the bottom of the ridge, so don't worry too much about going a little off course. Just keep going down. Turn right at the run and follow it to Spring Brook, about another mile. Turn left and go 1/4 mile to Nesbitt Dam. Cross dam, turn right and then left to Route 602 where you can leave a car for the return trip.