Campbell's Ledge

Map B

(Luzerne) Map B 3 mile loop; difficult. 20 mins from Scranton

Follow Main Ave. in Scranton south toward Pittston, turn sharp right at Coxton sign. Proceed to Coxton Yards, about 1.5 miles.

Trail begins on right side of road near large old foundation. Take first right up through old field and orchard to the cliffs; it's the most interesting way up. Roads to the right circle back down to start. Exceptional view of Pittston area as well as Newton-Ransom and Moosic. There are also two reservoirs up there if a longer hike is desired.

A ridiculous story of an Indian (NATIVE AMERICAN) maiden and a leaping horse goes with the ledge. Sounds too farfetched for this publication.

High Knob

( Wayne) No Map 3 miles to and fro; easy 45 mins.from Scranton

Park off road near entrance to Farview State Hospital on Route 6 East of Carbondale. Road across from entrance to Farview is where you start.

Follow road to good overlook toward Honesdale. Power line continues to top but there is no view as woods are too dense. Walk is invigorating though, as it is mostly uphill.

Shepherd's Crook 1

(Lackawanna) Map F 2 miles up and back; difficult.45mins from Scranton.

Just before stone bridge (1.5 miles from Route 6 in Carbondale) on Rt. 171 north in Simpson, turn right then immediate left and left again onto O&W railroad bed. Drive approximately 2 miles to stream on right. Park here as it is wide enough for other cars to get by.

Follow stream up to swimming hole going on either side of or in the stream itself Extremely picturesque series of waterfalls continuing up approximately one mile.

Be sure to wear shoes in water; there is broken glass at the bottom.