Marshwood Reservoir

Map J

(Lackawanna) Map J 2 miles; easy. 15 mins.from Scranton

Park off of Marshwood Road 2.8 miles up from light onO'Neil Highway in Throop.

Gate on rightright leads to reservoir. Stay left on path. Very swampy on other side of dam but with right boots a loop can be made around the lake. Roads to right coming in lead back down to Holiday Inn in Dunmore. No swiming in the reservoir.

Twin Lakes

Map J

(Lackawanna) Map J 3 miles; easy. 20 mins from Scranton

Park on Marshwood Road 4 miles up from light in Throop.

Trail goes in perpendicular to road, soon crossing power line. Continue straight to lakes. Each one can be circled though it is swampy in the back. Continue along road and you will eventually reach Holiday Inn in Dunmore.

Ashley Plane

(Luzerne) Map C 3 miles; easy to moderate 26 mins.from Scranton.

Take Interstate 81 south to Exit 46. Left at light. Park near Kozy K restaurant in Ashley on Route 309 south 1.2 miles from light at exit.

From rear of parking lot follow trail up to old gravity planes. Continue finding old foundations and heaps of ash from burning of coal for stationary steam engines. At junction about 1/2 mile up turn left to reservoir and first water treatment plant in the area. Backtrack to plane and continue steadily up now to Y bearing right through dumpsite to stream. Follow stream down to see in-season waterfall.

Cross log if you're brave or more interestingly backtrack a few feet and cross stream, winding up and through rocks to a high point with crevices and a nice lunch spot. Follow ledge back down to path. Continue on, crossing power line to T. Turn left for view of more old foundations about 1/4 mile up. Backtrack down, staying left. Grape vines, cliffs, stream along the way make the walk back enjoyable. There is a cable up on cliffs for the more adventursome. Follow cliffs back and eventually down, rejoining original path. Stay to left of stream for view of waterfall at bottom of old tunnel. Circle back to car.