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"Twinkle" "Sparkle"

Twinkle and Sparkle are Havanese puppies that were born on September 2, 2000, in the same litter at Sinead Kennel. On November 10th, they entered the home of Theresa and Dave. They are rough and tumble sisters that kiss and make up daily.

Puppy Love
Why do I want to be a puppy?
I can bark at trees and chase cats.
I can chew up socks, shoes, table legs, blankets, term papers, extension cords,...
Let us hope that I'm housebroken because
I don't want to make boo-boos.
I'm a puppy who loves, who cares, and who shares.
Love is like a lucky charm,
Hold it tight and you won't have any,
Share with others and you will have plenty.
    - Nick Kim

If you would like more information about Havanese Dogs, there are some excellent resources on the web. Here are a few links to resources and web pages of other Havanese Dogs: