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Hike Northeastern Pennsylvania

Scenic view of Indian Head & Delaware Water Gap

Above is a view of the Delaware Water Gap on the Pennsylvania/New Jersey border taken from Mount Tammany (1549 feet). On the left is Indian Head (aka The Gap), on the right you can just about see the slope of Mount Minsi (1461 feet). In the middle of the river is Arrow Island.

PA Destination of the Day Award April 17th, 1998

NEW! Pictures from various hikes. (Updated 14-June-98 with new pictures). Your comments on this section are appreciated as I'm experimenting with the format!

Just a few minutes drive out of the city of Scranton, PA in any direction will bring you to a host of woodland trails waiting for your exploration. Please stay on paths where possible as it is less damaging to the environment, and get permission from property owners before venturing on posted lands. This little website is meant to whet your appetite and encourage you to just go take a hike.

Most hikes contain a sketched map. There is a map key available.

New!Looking for a guided hike or walk? Then check out the list of hikes run by the Dunmore YMCA and the North East Chapter of the Sierra Club. Another excellent site is the PA Dept. of Conservation and Natural Resources.

Please note that the majority of the hikes on this site were not researched by myself but by others - all I've done is convert them to web format.

Know of any good hikes in the NEPA area which are not listed below? Then email David with your suggestions for hikes to be added!

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Hike Name Length in Miles Difficulty
Devil's Kitchen 2 moderate
The Tubbs 2 easy
Campbell's Ledge 3 difficult
High Knob 3 easy
Shepherd's Crook 1 2 difficult
Brownnell Reservoir 3 easy
Scrub Oak 5 easy
Gravity Railroad on Moosic Mountain 3 or 6 easy
Silver Lake & #7 Dam 3 easy
Marshwood Reservoir 2 easy
Twin Lakes 3 easy
Ashley Plane 3 easy to moderate
Penobscot Mountain 10 rigorous, but not difficult
Big Shiney 3 easy
Keystone Junior College 4 easy
Splash Dam from Route 118 8 moderate
Bald Mountain 3 moderate
Montage Road to Scranton via Old Laurel Line track 4 easy
Lake Scranton 3.5 easy
Nesbitt Dam 6.5 one way moderate
Mount Anonymous at Lake Scranton 4 easy
#5 Dam via Erie Railroad 6 easy
Miller Mountain 6 moderate
Shepherd's Crook 2 3 easy
Moosic Lake 5 easy
Devil's Hole 3 moderate

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